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Summer Camp

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All Skills Camps (BB & SB) Grades 3-6

What better way to spend summer days then working on your baseball or softball skills at The Ball Yard!

This is what you can expect to work on while at camp:


-Stance, Balance, Contact point, & Swing Path


-Form Fielding, pick drills, ready position


-Fingers on top of ball, wrist snap, balance, arm path

Base Running
-Secondary leads, rounding, sliding, tagging up

Plus HitTrax Hitting Games!!!

Hitting Camps (BB & SB) Grades 3-6

Whether you need mechanical improvements or just need to get in season reps to keep you playing your best, The Ball Yard Summer Hitting Camp is for you!


Areas to be covered...

-Swing mechanics overview

-Tee work with drills

-Front toss


-Pitching machine at bats

-HitTrax Games!!!!!!

Sluggers Camp (BB & SB) Grades 3-6

Learn how to play the game the right way from the very start!


The Ball Yard’s Little Sluggers Skills clinic is designed for skill improvement in the following...

-Throwing mechanics

-Catching form

-Footwork and hand position for ground balls

-Hitting mechanics

-Base running