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Fall League FAQs

Fall League Players and Parents,

Thank you for your patience as we organized the rostering and scheduling of this year's fall league! In total we have 800 players on 65 teams between baseball and softball. We have coordinated all of it in roughly a 10 day span trying to accommodate all teammate requests as best we could.

Below are details for FM Fall League.


  • Rosters- Please Double Check Them

There have been MANY requested roster adjustments over the past week. I believe everything should be confirmed and in place now. An updated roster will be posted as soon as we can. Please double check the rosters posted on the baseball or softball page. (


  • Schedule

The schedule for week 1 is posted on the baseball or softball page at We will have the schedule for weeks 2-4 posted approximately Aug 31 on the website and in the Tourneymachine app. We use week 1 to help with competitive balance of the schedule. With some age groups with as many as 15 teams, we want to make sure we are creating balanced matchups as best we can. We will be using the Tourney Machine app with the league schedule for any changes, weather announcements etc. Schedules will be placed into the tourney machine app as soon as we can get it in there. You can find the schedule in the Tourney Machine app HERE. To receive schedule or weather announcements direct to your phone, please go to your teams page in the App and in the top right corner select the uniform with a number in it where it says "Follow". In case of weather we will send messages directly to you through that notification. One other thing of note, the BY on the schedule stands for a Ball Yard individual sign up team.


  • Uniforms

Teams that registered as a team please wear whatever uniform you would like. Players who signed up as individuals will wear their own uniforms from summer or a shirt representing where they are from. Each player will receive a league t-shirt. This shirt is not meant to be their uniform. We are still gathering shirt sizes so as soon as we have all the sizes we will get those completed and handed out. Our goal is week 2 for the shirts but it really depends on when we receive the sizes needed for each team. I will have those bagged up for your team and will have a list of players names with sizes in the bag for the coaches. Coaches you will find a tshirt form in the front or back of your league booklet that will be in your dugout when you arrive. Please fill this t-shirt form out Week 1, take a picture of it and send to the email address listed on the form before you leave your dugout first day. It will take less then 5 minutes for you to do it and will be a big help in our getting shirts out quickly and accurately. We will include a copy of that form with your shirts to assist you in handing out proper sizes.


  • Arrival Time for Warmups

For individual sign up players playing on Ball Yard (BY) teams, please arrive 1 hour before game time to your field. If you were an individual sign up that has been placed with a group/team please arrive 1 hour before game time unless you have been instructed otherwise from your team coach.


  • Dugouts

If your team is listed on the schedule on the left of your opponent please go to the 3rd base dugout. If your team is listed to the right of your opponent please go to the 1st base dugout.


  • Game Balls and Coaches Booklet

Coaches- Game balls will be in your dugout when you arrive. You will find them in a light blue cinch bag. Please bring this bag with you each week as these will be your game balls for the season. Each team will provide 3 game balls to the umpires that day. You will also find a coaches booklet in your dugout with league rules, scoresheets, and lineup charts to help you stay organized. With 18 fields in use all across the FM metro I will be trying to get to each of your fields during both time slots throughout the day during your games. If you play the early time slot, the additional bag and booklet is for the teams coming for the later time slot so please leave them in your dugout for the next team.


  • Practices for Individual Sign Up Players

With many players traveling from quite a distance to play, and during the school year, it is very difficult to coordinate practices for some teams. In the past with so many other fall activities individual signup teams have not normally practiced as individual signup players. Teams are more than welcome to coordinate practices if they are able to.


We hope everyone has a fun fall season!



Mike Skogen

FM Fall Ball