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Chris Coste- Former Major League Player

"I have used The Ball Yard for my own personal baseball training on several occasions. Whether it's taking batting practice, hitting off a tee, or hitting live off the simulator, the facilities at The Ball Yard have something for any player looking to improve their baseball skills."

Betsy Dickson- Gilby, ND

2010 Minnesota State University- Moorhead Softball
2007 North Dakota Miss Softball- Grand Forks Central
2004-05 Midway (ND) HS Varsity Baseball


"Fundamentals are the key to mastering any sport. Not only do they help you become a great player, but they also make you more able to learn new skills and talents. Mike Skogen has taught me all of the fundamentals I know, concerning baseball and softball that has made me into the player that I am today. Whether it is from throwing to catching, or from bunting to hitting, Mike has made me become advanced in these areas with repetition, consistency, and hard work. Every athlete knows that excellence is done by fixing your mistakes. During a drill or during practice, Mike won’t be afraid to tell you what you are doing wrong, and how to fix your mistake. I have learned a lot from Mike over the years and I wouldn’t have been able to achieve any of my accomplishments if it weren’t for him."

Brent Pieterick- Parent- Bismarck, ND


"Logan really took to your instruction last year and his swing improved dramatically.  He hit for good average to all fields and developed considerable home run power... he went from 1 home run as a 11 yr old to 17 last year in his last year of 12yr old Little League.  He's looking forward to his first season of Babe Ruth as a 13 yr old."

Update- Logan now plays at University of Jamestown

Chad Hesla- VFW 16U Coach- Webster, SD

"Having Coach Skogen come do a baseball camp for our high school kids was the best thing we have ever done!  He really loves the game and it shows the minute he walks on the field.  He is willing to work on anything you feel needs to be touched on.  Mike really gets the attention of the kids and works very hard to coach each and every player on a one to one basis.  I feel that is the best thing about his camp and he made sure that happened to the best of his abilities.  I will have him back as soon as possible as it is very worth the money!"

Brian Horner- Parent- Fargo, ND

My sons have really enjoyed working with Mike on baseball fundamentals for their baseball hitting, pitching, and fielding mechanics. Mike has a unique way of teaching the proper hitting technique to each athlete as an individual. For example, my son Brady worked with Mike to improve his batting average and also wanted to be able to hit to all parts of the field.  Brady accomplished that and went on to raise his batting avg. from .232 his junior HS season before working with Mike to hitting .385 with the varsity legion team that same summer after working with him. He continued on to his senior HS season to hit .419. He is now playing baseball at Jamestown College. Mike is currently working with my younger son Brock to improve his batting average, bunting, and approach at the plate at The Ball Yard during the off-season. Working out at The Ball Yard allows him to stay sharp fielding, and to make some changes to improve his movement on his pitches all winter. Mike is also very approachable and can relate to these young athletes to help them improve their baseball skills.

Mark Miller- Parent- Kent, MN

“I met Mike when he was with NDSU during a baseball camp several years ago.  Mike is a great communicator and educator of baseball fundamentals.  His experience and desire to teach kids and parents, shows at every practice I have attended with my kids.  I would recommend Mike to anyone interested in learning the game of baseball.”

Jim Pettersen- Former NDSU Head Coach, Fargo Post 2 Board Member

“Mike has a track record for producing hardworking, skilled baseball players. Through his many years of experience at all levels, he understands how to provide professional level instruction to youth players in a way they can relate, learn, and understand and his success rate proves it. This is a great opportunity for baseball players to learn mechanics the right way.”