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Bat Speed Program

Bat Speed Program Registration Available Now

Designed for Grades 3-9

Fall 2022-Winter/Spring 2023 Tentative Schedule

**Log into our Online Registration program for specific times and dates.**

Nov 15-Dec 21- Fall- Tues, Thurs

Jan 11-Feb 10- Winter #1- Tues, Thurs

Feb 15-Mar 17- Winter #2- Tues, Thurs

Mar 21- Apr 24- Spring- Tues, Thurs

  • Tentative Time Slot- 7pm-8pm

Why Do You Need More Bat Speed?

  • An increase in bat speed of 5 mph can increase the distance a ball travels 25 feet.

ESPN Sports Science Video About Importance of Bat Speed

What Does The Program Consist Of?

  • Rapsodo Testing
    • Exit Speed, Launch Angle, Distance
    • Pre and Post Testing
  • Form Swing Drill Series
  • Weighted Ball Hit Training
  • Core, Forearm, and Wrist Strength

What We Will Do

Our program will work on making each players swing much more efficient to create a faster more effective swing.

We will work on...

  • How to create torque
  • Proper bat angles at Launch Position
  • Swing path to contact and after contact
  • Balance from load to finish
  • Creating connection with the upper body and lower body