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Gold Glove Defensive Program

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Infield and Catcher Camps Set to Begin Mid-March

Visit our online scheduling for schedule and details for our upcoming sections. Go to "Schedule" and "Enroll Camp/Class".

Infielders will work on...

  • Ground Ball Footwork
  • Creating Angles
  • Glove Actions
  • Throw Angles and Follows
  • Flips and Feeds
  • Double Play Footwork

The Gold Glove defensive camps, open to baseball and softball players, will focus on providing you with the knowledge and drills to continue to improve your level of play this off season. With a player/coach ratio of 6:1 or better, every player will receive lots of hands on instruction.

Catchers will work on...

  • Sign Stance
  • Receiving Stance
  • Glove Receiving Positions
  • Framing
  • Blocking
  • Throws to Bases