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-Update Thursday May 14


It's great to be back open! We will be open Monday-Thursday 12pm-8pm, Friday 12-7pm, Saturday 10am-2pm, and Sunday 12pm-4pm.

Members, we will be starting your memberships back up today. Your membership will extend forward however many days you had left from the date we had to close.

In order to follow state guidelines for reopening we will have some new rules and protocols in place.

1. If you are feeling ill, please stay home
        - Please contact us to cancel your reservation
2. Please Schedule Online
        - To limit occupancy, no walk-ins allowed
4. Must wear a face mask
        - During Phase 1, USA Softball of ND currently requires masks for all practices for slowpitch and fastpitch players and coaches.
         - With a strong chance of masks being required for games, it's good to practice and get comfortable with it.
5. Recommend bringing and using your own baseballs/softballs
         - Baseballs, fastpitch softballs, and slowpitch softballs are available for purchase
6. All balls and tees will be checked out at the front desk
7. When finished in a cage, all balls and tee must be returned to the proper tables
         - We are sanitizing all balls and tees after use.
8. No helmets or bats will be available, please bring your own
9. Please refrain from having any spectators
10. Two people per cage
         - Three people per cage if immediate family
11. Our entrance has been adjusted. - Enter through the north door (next to Savers)
         - Exit through the south door (our normal entrance).
12. The vending machine will not be available
13. Card payments only, no cash
14. All tables, chairs, and seating areas have been removed.
15. Cages 2 and 5 are closed.
         - Please enter cages 1 and 3 through cage 2
         - Please enter cages 4 and 6 through cage 5

Following guidelines set forth from the State Health Department, as well as the various baseball and softball governing bodies, we will adjust policies accordingly moving forward.


-Update Tuesday March 31

Under direction of the Governor of ND we will be closed until guidelines for closure of recreation facilities has been lifted.

Stay safe!

Mike Skogen

-Update Wednesday March 18th

Dear Ball Yard baseball and softball players,

When you’re in the middle of a baseball or softball game and you see rain approaching in the distance, it can be a difficult decision on when is the appropriate time to pull the tarp and put the game on hold for everyone’s safety. We have made efforts over the past few days to adhere to CDC recommendations to provide you the opportunity to continue to play ball and prepare for the upcoming season. We are very appreciative of the many kind words we have received the past few days for staying open!

As we continue to see the numbers grow, and now also in our area, with everyone’s health and safety in mind we have made the decision to pull the tarp and wait for the storm to pass. We will close beginning Wednesday March 18th through Sunday March 29th at a minimum. All memberships will be suspended/paused during our closure and reactivated for your use when we reopen. All non-member cage rentals that have already been paid for will be refunded into your accounts for use once we reopen.

Hopefully we see everyone hitting and throwing at The Ball Yard preparing for the upcoming season again soon!

Thank you,
Mike Skogen
The Ball Yard

"Baseball is a very simple game. You throw the ball, you catch the ball, you hit the ball. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes it rains."

              -“Nuke” Laloosh


-Update 10:30am Monday March 16

As you may have already seen, the CDC has requested group gatherings be limited to 50 people or less.  To still allow access to the facility, we will be modifying several areas. We ask for your cooperation with the following items:

1-We will be open 12pm-9pm.

2- Cages 2, 5, and ProBatter will be removed from the schedule to limit the number of people in the building and to create space between groups.

3-SCHEDULE IN ADVANCE preferably online.  If you need to reset your password there is a link below the login space.

4-Please limit your time to 1 hour.

5-NO MORE then 4 players per cage.

6-No sibling or extended family spectators are to enter the building.

7-Please limit drop-off people to one parent only. In other words, ONLY one parent may walk in and/or escort out their player to and from the facility.  ALL parents who are not actively involved with the player workout should leave the facility between player drop off and player pickup.

8-We are asking you to exit your cage five minutes early AT A MINIMUM to avoid as much crossover traffic as possible with the group behind you coming in to the cage. If someone is exiting the cage please give them extra space to exit.

9-Please do not arrive extra early for your cage rental or lesson. Please enter the building at your scheduled time.

11-If you have a membership and would like to put that membership on hold for future use please email us with the email subject “Membership Suspension”

****If you or someone in your house has signs of sickness of any kind or are uncomfortable coming to the facility,  DO NOT COME. ****

We appreciate everyone's cooperation with these precautions. We will continue to monitor the situation, relying on the CDC and other government organizations to make further changes as necessary. Please check our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages for any updates as we can update those with the latest information quickly from anywhere. Our web page is a much slower (sometimes not available) process to update.


Thank you!