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Velocity Enhancement Program

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Velocity Enhancement Program

Based on the concepts of nationally renowned pitching coach, Ron Wolforth and his Athletic Pitcher Program, we are excited to offer The Ball Yard Velocity Enhancement Program. The program itself is too detailed to fully describe here, but here are the goals:



·         THROW SAFER





Our primary goal is to increase velocity through a combination of speed and strength specific to the throwing motion. Participants across the country using the program over 12 weeks see an average increase of 6 mphMany Ball Yard participants have seen increases of 4-6 MPH in just 6 weeks.

Mechanical Enhancements

  • Postural Efficiency
  • Arm Action Efficiency
  • Scapular Load Efficiency
  • Separation/Torque Efficiency

Students will be expected to work hard and will be challenged at all times physically. Players will be tested at the start of the program, checked again in the middle, and once more at the conclusion.

The program meets 12 times for 1 ½ hours over 6 weeks and is open to players Age 10 and Up.

Velocity Increases in Just 6 Weeks

Kaden S. Age 17 Fargo, ND +8.6 (69 to 77.6)

Johnny B. Age 14 Fargo, ND +8mph (57.4 to 65.4)

Jake M. Age 14 Fargo, ND +7.8mph (60 to 67.8)

Jacob H. Age 15 Fargo, ND +7.4mph (61.2 to 68.6)

Ty D. Age 16 Fargo, ND +7mph (65 to 72)

Anthony L. +6.8mph (45.2 to 52)

Rylan A Age 14 Fargo, ND +6.6mph (60 to 66.6)

Stephen H. Age 16 Fargo, ND +6.5mph (77.5 to 84.0)

Nick M. Age 18 Kindred, ND +6.2mph (75.6 to 81.8)

Micah S. Age 14 Moorhead, MN +5mph (62.8 to 67.9)

Jeremy W Age 15 Larimore,ND +5.5mph (66.8 to 72.3)

Kyle K. Age 19 Larimore, ND +5.4mph (70.4 to 75.8)

Lincoln V. Age 17 Fargo, ND +5mph (77.6 to 82.6)

Justin Age 11 Moorhead, MN +4.8mph (40.8 to 45.6)

Austin R. Age 16 Dilworth, MN +4.8mph (68.2 to 73.0)

Casey Q. Age 17 Fargo, ND +4.6mph (84.2 to 88.8)

Brady B. Age 13 Dilworth, MN +4.2mph (52.2 to 56.4)

Kory K. Age 18 Larimore, ND +4mph (69.2 to 73.2)

Colin B. Age 15 Fargo, ND +3.8mph (69.8 to 72.6)